Colleges and universities across the country are failing to prepare their students to enter today’s job market. But you don’t have to take my word for it, the numbers speak for themselves: Although unemployment is at an all-time low, according to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, almost 44% of recent college graduates are underemployed.

The problem is that colleges and universities are lagging behind the market. The career advice that worked like a charm 10 years ago barely moves the needle compared to the updated strategies used by a select few. To further complicate the matter, a large cohort of students put-off career development until their second semester of their senior year. By then, it’s not just a losing game – the game’s over.

Here’s the good news: when done right career readiness can be one of the most thought-provoking and rewarding journeys that a student will ever go on. It can be a process of deep reflection that rewards ingenuity, creativity, and leadership.

As a career coach for Gen Z college students, Sahil Punamia has discovered the two critical mistakes students make in their collegiate career journey:
1) they start too late and
2) they follow outdated advice that is ill-suited for digital natives.

On top of these two issues, career centers and other university administrators are tasked with the daunting responsibility of ensuring all of their students, from every corner of campus, are prepared for full-time employment upon graduating.

With limited resources, and a tight programming calendar that can only be crammed so much, there is a critical need for an engaging, comprehensive career readiness program that provides students with the tools they need to succeed with their professional aspirations.

Welcome to “Hacking Your Career”

About the Program

“Hacking Your Career” is an in-depth and comprehensive 6-module program that covers the recruiting process from A to Z.
Students will engage in a variety of interactive exercises and discussions to facilitate thoughtful conversation about their career aspirations, as well as driving peer-to-peer learning with students in attendance.
Sahil will share an insightful balance of strategic career management guidance and tactical recruiting advice that will provide students with an actionable roadmap of “next steps” and leave them feeling empowered and excited to begin their career journey!


By the End of this Program, Your Student Leaders Will Know How To….
  • Identify a shortlist of careers that they will love and utilize a hypothesis-based approach to launch their career journey
  • Overcome lack of qualified experience by learning how to brand themselves as “industry insiders” through advanced research techniques
  • Master the full potential of LinkedIn and online alumni networks (which are far more powerful than most people realize)
  • Hack the “resume algorithm” to ensure their applications are actually noticed and read (most get lost in the fray)
  • Utilize the secrets of effective interviewing and negotiation to generate lucrative career opportunities
  • Strategically manage their careers through rigorous goal-setting and professional development, navigate workplace politics, and get on the promotion fast-track
Expert Crafted

“Hacking Your Career” was created based on Sahil’s 7+ years of experience as a career coach for hundreds of college students across the country. The insights shared in this program are rooted in the same fundamentals that allowed him to receive employment offers from a number of prestigious employers, including his first post-graduate employer, L.E.K. Consulting, which was listed on Glassdoor’s Top 25 Toughest Companies to Interview With in the Country! These strategies have been repeatedly proven to succeed in the most competitive recruiting industries from investment banking and consulting, to technology, healthcare, and entertainment.


“Hacking Your Career” is guaranteed to be effective. If participants don’t feel that the program has empowered them with the tools, knowledge and insights to transform their approach to the recruiting process - then they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.