What are the biggest obstacles preventing your student leaders from performing at their highest level?

  • Missing sense of direction?
  • Lack of patience or belief in self?
  • Inability to create and lead teams?
  • Not knowing the immense power of networking and collaboration?

Student leadership is a hot and trending topic on college campuses across the country. And while technology has enabled today’s students to communicate and interact among one another with unprecedented frequency, it seems as though the core tenants of effective leadership have been replaced by transactional relationships and misguided management principles.

Imagine how much more empowered your students would be if we could help them be effective leaders and catalysts for change on and off campus?

What value do you place on having a polished and career-focused student body to show off to your employers? What about an engaged and thriving alumni network willing to give back to the university? Or how about the satisfaction of being able to help just one student create their collegiate legacy?

Welcome to: “Advantage-Based Leadership: Leveraging Your Unfair Advantage to Build Teams that Drive the Change You Seek”

About the Program

“Advantage-Based Leadership” covers the 5 essential stages of leadership for any ambitious student looking to build their careers and enact change within their University to establish their collegiate legacy. The program pairs rigorous self-assessment and strategic planning with actionable tactics and exercises that will leave your students feeling empowered to grab their lives by the horns and take action immediately!



Module 1: Getting Clear On Your Vision

In this module, students will learn how to spot and avoid the infamous “herd mentality” that tends to pervade college campuses. Through deep introspection and self-assessment, students will develop a clear understanding of their aspirations and cultivate a laser-like focus for their leadership journey.

Module 2: Identifying Your Unfair Advantage

This module will engage students to think about their unique value proposition (read: superpower!) to the world. Through break-out groups and interactive exercises, together we’ll explore how to position and leverage their personal strengths to help define their leadership style.

Module 3: Reverse Engineering Your Path

Once we’ve clearly identified students’ aspirations and unfair advantages, this module will provide a more actionable approach for mobilizing students and their teams towards a common goal. Your leaders will reverse engineer their vision into manageable steps and milestones while learning how to quickly fill any gaps in knowledge, skills, or resources.

Module 4: Hacking for Leadership Success

In this module, students will learn the secret to effective leadership - creating win-win situations with all relevant stakeholders. By leveraging this mindset, students will learn how to “hack” any obstacles that they may face during their leadership journey through effective collaboration, persuasion, and possession of a “give-first” mentality.

Module 5: Surviving Your Leadership Journey with Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps most important, this module covers the criticality of maintaining and developing high emotional intelligence during one’s leadership journey. Students will learn how and why “EQ” is often more important than “IQ,” and will be given a set of tactical exercises they can conduct on a regular basis to promote mental fortitude and a positive approach to life.

By the End of this Program, Your Student Leaders Will Know How To….
  • Utilize a hypothesis-based approach to identify their leadership and professional aspirations
  • Identify their personal strengths and position them as competitive advantages in life, leadership, and work (yes, this stuff will make getting a job a lot easier too!)
  • Immediately begin leading and taking action on the projects that have been resting in their hearts, minds, and dreams
  • Lay out a strategic plan to accomplish their leadership goals by leveraging “quick wins” to generate buy-in and trust within their teams
  • Persuade various types of stakeholders and hack roadblocks to escalate the pace and effectiveness of their leadership goals
  • Maintain self-awareness and mental health by continually developing their emotional intelligence
Expert Crafted
“Advantage-Based Leadership” was created based on Sahil’s years of experience as a student leader at UCLA. During his time in college, Sahil led a number of student organizations geared towards professional development and community betterment. Through his leadership roles, Sahil gained a unique perspective on what “does and does not” work when leading groups of students from every corner of campus towards a common goal. The strategies and tactics Sahil will discuss in “Advantage-Based Leadership” have been crafted not only by his on-campus leadership experience, but also from his experience as a seasoned management consultant - a career which gave him exclusive exposure to corporate board rooms across the world. This experience gave Sahil intriguing insight on how the most critical business decisions are made at the C-Suite level, and how the most effective leaders in the business world operate and lead. Rest assured that with Sahil’s guidance, your students will learn to be effective leaders both during and after their college career!
As with all of Sahil’s coaching services, “Advantage-Based Leadership” is guaranteed to be effective. If participants don’t feel that the program has empowered them with the tools, knowledge and insights to transform their leadership approach – and immediately make a positive impact in their professional and personal lives – then they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.